All of our classrooms are multi-age classrooms, usually with students ranging in 3-year spans,
allowing each child an opportunity to experience being a newcomer and eventually a leader in the classroom community.

     The classroom teacher (“Director”) acts as a guide and facilitator, rather than as a traditional educator and continually
assesses the progress of each student. The Director guides the children and spends most of the time working with small groups7667
of students. The rest of the class works independently under the supervision of the teacher assistants and with the older children helping the younger ones.

     Most of the morning is spent in individual and small-group work. This uninterrupted period allows the students to develop a work cycle and promotes concentration. As the children work independently and purposefully they are free to move where their interests and abilities take them.

     The children develop by means of experiences in their environment. We call these experiences work. Children have a deep love and need for purposeful work. They work, however, not as adults with the end product as the goal, but for involvement in the task itself. Many activities are offered which differ from those in traditional schools. Learning is individualized and the impulse for learning is the
self-motivation that exists within each child.

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