Middle School
IMG_3684 IMG_3877 Middle School

Ages 12 - 14 years

Regular Hours
Regular day: 8:45 am - 3:30 pm
Full-day:       8:00 am - 5:30 pm

“The education of adolescents is of capital importance because adolescence is the age when the child becomes adult,
which is to say, a member of society.”

 -- Dr. Maria Montessori

The community of Ghent Montessori School believes that children can change the world.  The respectful and diverse educational experience we offer fosters a sense of citizenship that transcends traditional barriers. Our children, through the intellectual training of a challenging academic environment, practical involvement in a supportive community and respectful collaboration through creative, positive conflict resolution, are prepared to participate in the world society as peaceful and contributing members.

The strength of our Middle School program is a result of:

  • Our willingness to allow the adolescent to use curiosity, creativity, and imagination within the boundaries of the prepared environment.
  • Our eagerness to serve others: the adolescents, their parents and families, our school community, our city and country, our world, and others who are in need.
  • Our ability to inspire within each adolescent a passion for knowledge and the process of learning
  • Our dedication to providing an environment which frees each adolescent to explore, to choose, to decide, to try, to succeed, to fail, without fear.
  • Our acknowledgement of universal values which includes the inherent worth and dignity of all humans, respect for others, honesty, integrity, empathy, responsibility, compassion, and peacefulnes

IMG_3695“The teachers must have the greatest respect for the young personality, realizing that in the soul of the adolescent, great values are hidden, and that in the minds of these boys and girls there lie all our hopes of future progress and the judgment of ourselves and our times.” – Maria Montessori

     Our staff consists of a generalist and several specialists who keep the adolescents’ needs, characteristics, and uninhibited personal development at its center of the curriculum.  We create an environment which allows the opportunity of one on one mentoring and gives the students the freedom to explore their ideas through involvement in the local community and the larger society.  Adjunct faculty consists of specialists in art, music, physical expression, and French, and at-large community experts when needed.  Outside mentoring occurs through internship experiences and partnerships with local community organizations, businesses, and cultural groups.

“Adolescence is characterized by a state of expectation, by a preference for works of IMG_3890_rotatedcreation, by a need to fortify self-confidence.” – Maria Montessori

     We keep in mind that the classroom space is a meeting place rather than an actual “learning space.”  There is room to move freely and enough space to be alone.  The real classroom space is beyond our walls, in the community.  The students are out of the building as often as they are present.

     All students understand independent work, having had prior Montessori experience. There are large blocks of uninterrupted time during the morning.  Open time allows for individualized instruction based on individual interest and needs as well as creative expression. Failure and mistakes are an inevitable part of life and dealing with those occurrences in a positive manner is part of the learning experience.  It is our goal that the students always feel as if they are doing their best, which is all one can ask of anyone.

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